Q & A

Questions & Answers to subjects not included in the book

Q:  What are the texts that we call the Tai Chi Classics?

Q: How can we know that the Li Family Manual is genuine?

Q: Why did it take so long time to make the Li Family material available in English when the genealogy and manual were found in 2004?

Q: Where was the Thousand Year Temple located?

Q: How are the Li Family classics related to the so-called Song classics?

Q: Was Zhang Sanfeng a real person?

Q: Was Tai Chi originally taught at the Wudang Mountain?

Q: Some schools keep the back completely erect while others lean a bit forward in the Tai Chi postures. Is there any old documentation as to how straight and upright the body should be in Tai Chi?

Q: Is the behind leg supposed to be straight in Tai Chi?

Q: Who was on the list of Yang Chengfu’s students?

Q: Do the classics say anything about breathing in Tai Chi?

Q: Why do you only write about three styles when are so many others?

Q: What are the 13 movements exactly?

Q: Can Tai Chi be considered to be a competition sport?

Q: Who was the teacher of Wu Yuxiang?

Q: When was the art named “Taiji” boxing?

Q: How is Tai Chi related to Daoism (Taoism)

Q: What does Peng Jin mean?